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Garda lake

Lake Garda is one of the many wonderful places in the world.
And I live here.
I can say i am lucky,also professionalty because this is the perfect setting to propose the best Italian food specialties.
Pleasantly quiet winters, springs that seems an explosion of life but in the same time, relaxing:warm summers, crowded, alive!, autumns decadent but charming .... and again the winters, returning, recalling meditation, lethargy, how in preparation to reopen the cycle that makes life on lake garda and in particular in Torri del Benaco so colorful.
The view from the hills of Torri amazes , the mysterious night alleys  fascinate
 , the friendliness of the "Torresani" will be a pleasant memory,and our shop in Corso Dante Alighieri, near the port will be a pleasant surprise.

picture of Garda Lake

picture of Garda Lake

pictures og garda Lake