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Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of  Modena DOP

The production of traditional vinegars follows a strict discipline, hard to find them among the common supermarket shelf, their value is not indifferent because the process for obtaining them is long and laborious.

Rare and precious are sold in small bottles, a few milliliters at a prohibitive cost so much that sometimes it comes to hundreds of euro. And the reason is, the cooked grape must is left in wood barrels, oak for the most part, to age: 12 years when it comes to vinegar "VECCHIO", at least 25 for that EXTRAVECCHIO" .
To arrive at the final product do not add additives, the process of acidification ,derived from natural fermentation in barrels, with the passage of time, it thickens. Once completed the years established by the manufacturer and  careful analysis of experts you can bottle and sell the precious black gold.

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena
it is an equally excellent product but undergoes a different production process. Tasty and perfect for seasoning many dishes of the tradition, it is easy to obtain it, and has a more affordable price, but mostly  it depend of the quality level.

The only permitted additive (coloring) is the caramel,  the maximum amount is 2% and its presence must be specified on the label( our balsamic don't  contain caramel). Obviously the vinegar that not report that ingredient is synonymous with quality and tradition. The maturation phase of the Modena Balsamic IGP lasts at least 60 days while with "aged" means that the same over 3 years.The price may vary even for the density of the grape must which may be more or less concentrated.

About Condiments (white or dark)  , made from grape must and vinegar, found, for example on our site for sale, they are not regulated by specific regulations of a consortium, but in our case we select only products made from wine vinegar and grape must, for a long time aged in barrel.in Our shop, also on line, you can order very thick condiment for salad , cheese, frutis, and meats, o for everything you want to combine.
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